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Investment Home Finder Service

For a standard finder's fee, we can help you zero in on the valuable real estate deals that are out there. There are many competitor eye's looking at deals as they come available. If your ready, our in-house realtor can let you know of the deals as soon as they become available.
Almost no one has the depth of understanding and experience of our realtor! He will show you deals based on your criterea. Many deals can make more sense when factoring in the lower cost of rehab when using our other services.
There is no obligation to use any of our other services, when using this finder's service.

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Complete Rehab Service

Want to invest and not worry about the details, workers, and innumerable problems that crop up with every house? Let us rehab your home for you. We do everything. From electric and plumbing rough - in, through waterproofing when needed, drywall and spackle, molding, beautiful trim and tile work, painting and superb amenities and design.
We make homes that sell!

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We're on Call

Don't need a complete rehab service, but could use some of our services? No problem! We do the following and more:

  • demo and removal
  • framing
  • tiling and wood floors
  • electric and plumbing rough-in
  • waterproofing
  • floor leveling
  • all trimwork
  • drywall installation and spackling
  • painting
  • complete kitchen installations
  • ductwork and HVAC services
  • roof work
  • windows
    And much more!
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ON target advice

Every neighborhood is different, and home buyers expectations can vary widely. Putting too much in one neighborhood can be too little in another.
Other innumerable calculations have to go into the success of an investment home. Bedrooms, master bathrooms, basements, parking pads - they all cot you a lot. They pay great returns when needed, but they can end up costing you a bundle when they are not.
This is where using our services can make the difference between a successful venture or a money loosing property.

Your money matter to us

We watch all our costs and provide you with all receipts. We update our clients regularly with photos and reports.
When reaching the showing stage, you are emailed every showing and comment. Our experienced  in house realtor can help you with negotiations, should you choose to use him. We take no fee at all for realtor services.


Next Steps...

Give us a call today to find out how much we can help you and your investment returns. Lower your risk with an experienced player in the Baltimore real estate market.

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Time is money in the apartment rental world. From the moment your previous tenant leaves, until the apartment is ready for the new one, you're clock is ticking.

We are experienced in quickly removing everything and carting everything away. We're neat and clean, careful and polite professionals.
Give us a all today and your rental properties will be ready in no time.

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Complete Apartment Services

Sure we do cleanouts. But we do a whole lot more, too.
Your rentals may need some TLC to get it up and running and ready for the next tenant. We can fix your drywall, electric, windows, plumbing, flooring, doors and locks - the works.
Best of all, we're neat and fast and we know what we're doing. You'll be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable prices.





Next Steps...

Let us help you keep your apartments ready to go and occupied. We're your dependable "partner" in your business.